2017 marking the city

工作坊 / 建筑装置 / 视觉设计

YEAR: 2017
CLIENT:“ Marking the City ”工作坊
The Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA) is one of the most prestigious and influential schools of architecture in the world, and one of the most "radical" schools of architecture in the world, filled with acclaim and controversy. AAVS is an integral part of the AA School of Architecture, which aims to mentor young local architects and students in the field of cutting-edge architecture in different cities around the world. Workshops have been conducted in 35 different countries and regions around the world.

"Marking the City" attempts to create a space full of memories that resonate with industrial processes, production processes or rusted traditions through interaction with the city. The international and local students, scholars, architects, artists and craftsmen involved in the project will collaborate to explore content-specific architectural design methodologies.
建筑联盟学院(Architectural Association School of Architecture),是全世界最具声望与影响力的建筑学院之一,也是全球最“激进”的建筑学院,充斥着赞誉与争议。该校特别而先进的课程和广泛开展的项目与研究使其成为全球建筑创新的中心和乐园,也确立了其在当代全球建筑文化讨论与发展的领袖地位。AAVS 为 AA 建筑联盟学院的重要组成部分,其目的是在全球不同城市,实地对当地的青年建筑师和学生进行前沿建筑学的辅导工作。目前已经在全球 35 个不同国家和地区开展了工作坊活动。

“Marking the City”标记城市工作坊尝试去创造一个充满记忆的空间,通过与城市的交互,与工业化的过程、生产工艺或已经逐渐锈蚀的传统产生共鸣。参与到项目的国际和本地学生、学者、建筑师、艺术家和手艺人会通力协作探索关于特定内容的建筑设计方法论。

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